2012 Harbin International Fashion Week


Media Launch at on Tuesday, 20 November 2012 at 3pm


About The Collection

As someone who grew up in the 60s and 70s, I have always held that era close to my heart.  Naturally, I chose to make it my inspiration for my first menswear collection.  For this particular collection, I drew inspiration from heritage buildings in Ipoh where I was born and raised, particularly the old shop lots, alleyways and the renowned Ipoh ‘kopitiams’ where many people would meet and relax after a hard day’s work.


I was also inspired by music and dance in that era. I distinctly recall the times when my parents used to frequent a dance hall in Ipoh’s famous Jubilee Park to ‘joget’ and dance the ‘agogo’ (a 60s dance phenomenon akin to the current ‘oppa gangnam’ style dance).  I have strong memories of the dancers during that era wearing lots of checks, patterns and contrasting colours.


Freedom by Eric Choong is a ready-to-wear menswear line.  Taking all those inspirations and meshing them together, I have designed a collection which includes various combinations of patterns such as broadcloth checks combined with pin stripes, and a variety of bold and fun contrasting colours.


My shirts consist of both long and short sleeved varieties, and are made with extra fine cotton fabric. The trousers in my collection consist of both Chino flat front pants and shorts which are made with cotton and cut to a modern slim fit. The tailored jackets and blazers fashioning the 70s are made with multi-textured hand-woven cotton matched with corresponding bow ties. 

 By Eric Choong


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 Freedom by Eric Choong Collections