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" Radioactive"

Established in 1997, RADIOACTIVE is Malaysia's leading and fastest-growing URBAN WEAR label, with the "RADIOACTIVE' brand being Malaysia's choice of URBAN wear among teenagers and young adults. RADIOACTIVE has evolved from a small local company to one with its own team of in-house designers, production and merchandising teams.High quality bath Toys the best and most fashionable online of the Rolex Replica Watches store. Our business has grown from wholesale to retail concept shops through the nation as well globally. We are what we are today simply because we bring excitement to our daily grind and keep our social circles to the brim by sponsoring various local and international artistes and events. We have changed the URBAN WEAR concepts in Malaysia by bringing vibrancy and marrying URBAN wear with class and attitude. RADIOACTIVE is inspired by life.

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Radioactive Truly embodies the evolution of style. We shall represent the progression of today’s URBAN wear market into the future, therefore we have already started out our revolutionary campaign throughtout whole nation, the WEARVOLUTION !


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